Champ is a Shopify app to add a modern forum to your online store.

Forums are perfect for building customer loyalty, a community around your business and brand, and for encouraging your customers to become your brand’s ambassadors.


a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Champ can help you with...

Private Members Only Forum

Create a forum community based on the permission level you set for individual customers. Individually tag customers and allow granular access to members only areas of your Champ forum.

Customer Support

Give your customers a place to share their wisdom with one another as well as show customers you’re there to help them with exceptional support. Champ forums make it easy to do that right within your Shopify store.

Foster Your Fans

With user uploads enabled, allow your customers to share with you how they’re using your products and the kinds of impact your business is having on their lives. 

Update Your Customers

Share with your customers technical updates about your products and provide detail posts where your customers can ask you questions and clarifications.

Let your customers talk to one another

With Champ’s user-to-user private messaging, your customers can talk to one another. Develop a strong community within your customer base and strengthen your brand.

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