How much does Champ cost?

Champ costs $29 per month, and is billed with your regular Shopify invoice.

Billing begins when you click on Subscribe. We also make it easy to unsubscribe right within our app should you decide you don’t want to use Champ anymore.

Ready to give Champ a try? Join over hundreds of merchants who are creating communities around their business with Champ.

Install Champ right now for a risk free 14-day trial.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes! When you install Champ, you’ll get 14 days to try Champ out for free.

Installation begins the moment you install Champ and doesn’t require you to approve any application fees to get started. We’re sensible that way.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! There is no long term contracts to use Champ. 

Note that subscription to Champ is prepaid for the month. When you cancel, you’ll lose any remaining time left in the month that you’ve already prepaid. Also note that because the billing cycle for Champ may be different than the billing cycle for your Shopify store, you may see a charge for Champ even after unsubscribing or uninstalling the app. 

How does billing work?

Shopify handles all the billing for Champ. When you subscribe, you will see a Shopify App charge item for Champ added to your regular monthly invoice with Shopify.

Because your billing cycle with Champ may be slightly different than your Shopify billing cycle, the charge may not appear immediately. 

Using Champ vs Building Your Own

If you’re looking for a forum solution for your business, you’ve probably also considered building your own forum app. We think that Champ will save you time and money.

In hiring a developer to help you build a robust solution, you’ll likely spend tens of thousands of dollars and the end result will still not be as good as what Champ offers – out of the box.

And when you’re done, you’ll still need to pay for hosting your custom web application, which can easily start at $50 per month.

Using Champ vs Using an Open Source Software

You have probably also seen open source alternatives for forum software out there.

While open source software may be fine, you’ll need to host it yourself, which can range anywhere from $20 to $50 per month.

The other thing to note is that you’ll need to host your forum on a subdomain, such as While this may seem to be a minor point, any content generated in your forum won’t help your SEO (search engine optimization). 

Champ is hosted under your main domain. And so, any user generated content will help you rank better on search engines like Google or Bing.

Why does Champ cost $29?

You may be wondering how we settled at $29 for Champ’s monthly price. 

If you head over to the Shopify app store, you may have noticed that some apps are really, really cheap… perhaps even free.

Like yourselves, we run a business. And a business runs on revenue, expenses, and income taxes. After all that, what’s left is our salary that we bring home to our families.

So why don’t we offer the app for really cheap or for free?

The reason is that it costs money to run software on the web. Champ is hosted on premium servers (located in New York) and your data is protected with hourly backups. We also make improvements to Champ regularly, adding features and squashing out bugs that may come up from time to time.

We also keep your data secure. Many free or low cost apps are subsidized by companies who purchase your data (ie. your customer’s data) or who may want to upsell you on their other products. We don’t like either of those practices and we like to be upfront with our customers (ie. you).

For these reasons, we’ve calculated that the amount we need to be in business is by offering a sensible $29 per month plan. 

Ready to give Champ a try? Join over hundreds of merchants who are creating communities around their business with Champ.

Install Champ right now for a risk free 14-day trial.