Champ comes with several features to help you fight spam. Let’s take a look:

Minimum seconds between posts by same user

You can specify the minimum number of seconds a user is required to wait before creating another post. Posts include new topics and replies within existing topics.

If you set the value as “0” (without quotations), Champ will not enforce any time delay limits.

reCAPTCHA (Advance)

reCAPTCHA is a service operated by Google that enables websites to verify that users are not “bots”, but are actual human beings. This JavaScript verification code that is injected into the page when the page is rendered in the browser.

To get started, you will need a V3 (version 3) Site Key and Secret Key from Google. You can get one here:

Note that V3 of reCAPTCHA does not require users to do manual verification (such as selecting pictures or checking a check box). Instead, it uses a computer algorithm to determine if a user’s browsing activity matches that of a real human versus a computer bot. As a result, there should be minimal interruption to the “flow” of your forum.

Once you have your Site and Secret keys from Google, enter them into the settings field:

Leave these values blank if you do not want reCAPTCHA enabled. Currently, Champ sets the reCAPTCHA sensitivity score to 0.5. For your reference, a point score of 0 means that the user is likely a bot and a score of 1 means that the user is very likely a human.