Using the API

Champ offers a basic API for reading the forums, topics, and posts.

At this time, read-only access is provided. We will be developing write access in the near future.

The API expects requests to be in JSON format and will return values in JSON format.

At this time, the API is in beta testing. In other words, we don’t officially support this as a feature of Champ. However, if you notice any bugs, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it. 

Note that feature requests and bugs are not the same thing. If there’s an endpoint you would like, kindly ask and we will see what we can do to accommodate.

Please also note that API usage requires knowledge in the use of REST and JSON programming. Understandably, we cannot provide assistance in your integration except for general advice that is directly related to our API usage.


In order to use the API, all requests must be authenticated.

To get started, go to the API section in the Champ dashboard. You’ll need to generate an API secret for authentication.

Each request sent to the Champ API must have the following two headers set:


Set the X-SHOPIFY-DOMAIN header to be equal to your Shopify store (eg.

The X-API-SECRET should correspond to the API secret that you generated in Champ’s password.

Note: Keep your API secrets safe. Never give it to a developer or anyone who you do not trust. Having your API credentials essentially give someone access to your forum database.

Each API secret you create can have its own permission level. As a result, you should scope the access to your forum appropriately and only provide access to the areas that is needed.

Authentication requests that fail will receive a 403 status from the API service.


All API requests should be sent to Only https requests are accepted.

Three endpoints are currently available:

  • /forums.json
  • /topics.json
  • /posts.json