Billing Explained

When does billing begin?

When you install the app, you are not presented with a billing screen. Instead, we want you to experience the trial period without having to agree to purchase the subscription.

Billing begins only when you proceed through the Subscription process in the Billing section of the dashboard:

On that screen, you will see a few important notes about the billing for Champ (see above screenshot).

When you click on Subscribe – $29 USD per 30 days – you will be brought to Shopify’s own billing agreement screen:

Once you click on Approve charge, you are billed immediately. Billing also continues every 30 days unless:

  • You unsubscribe within the app, or
  • You uninstall the application

Note: Billing is not prorated. Early uninstallation or unsubscribing will not result in a refund.

Your Shopify invoice

All billing is handled by Shopify. As a result, Champ’s billing will show up on your Shopify invoice.

Read more about your Shopify invoice here:

Your Shopify billing cycle happens every 30 days. Champ’s billing cycle is also every 30 days, but may not coincide with your Shopify’s store billing cycle.

Regardless, the billing has occurred at the time when you clicked on Approve charge (see above). As a result, you may notice a delayed charge on your Shopify statement even after you’ve unsubscribed or uninstalled the application. These latent charges are not new charges, but are rather charges owing from the previous month.

Champ makes it clear as to when your billing cycle is on the Billing page of the application’s dashboard:

Billing every 30 days

Billing occurs every 30 days and may not coincide with your regular Shopify invoice.

In order to know when you will be billed next, go to the Billing page within Champ’s dashboard.

Billing is not prorated and no partial refunds are provided for unused parts of the month. If you need to uninstall the application for a technical reason but do not wish to unsubscribe, please contact us first.

Trial period

When you install Champ, the trial period begins where you’ll have 14 days to try out the various features of Champ without limitations.

A time counter for when the trial ends can be seen at the bottom of the dashboard:


We don’t offer partial refunds for portions of months unused or refunds for past months.