Managing Users

About users

Champ is designed to allow both anonymous and registered users to post. You can specify forum permissions in the dashboard, which will restrict whether a forum allows anonymous users to post.

Champ does not have its own separate user management system. To keep things simple and integrated with Shopify, you manage your users within your Shopify dashboard.

Read more about managing your customers in Shopify here:

Users are managed by adding or removing tags to them in Shopify:

Tagging users

If you’re planning on restricting access to specific forums, you’ll need to tag them with the appropriate tag to allow access to your restricted forum.

First, set up your forum so that it only allows access when the customer/user has the particular tag. You can use any tag you want, but we recommend keeping things consistent.

Read about setting up your forums in our guide.

Once you’ve set up your forum, tag your users and they will be granted access. Remember, the tagging for the users themselves happen in Shopify:

This workflow is great particularly if you’re planning on manually approving access to your forums.

Adding moderators

You can assign moderator or admin status to any user. Moderators and admin users have super user access. Do not grant this access level to anyone unless you trust him or her.

Moderator/admin users can:

  • Hide posts
  • Merge topics
  • Move topics to another forum
  • Edit posts

To assign a moderator, tag the customer profile with champ-moderator. To assign an admin, tag the customer profile with champ-admin.

At this current time, there’s no difference between champ-moderator and champ-admin. However, we may reserve a higher access level for user levels with champ-admin in the future. As a result, we recommend you only use champ-moderator for everyone but yourself.

User preferences

There are certain preference settings your users can modify when they are logged into your store and are visiting your Champ forums:

  • Public (nickname) name
  • Avatar

As is standard with many web applications, your users’ avatar is pulled from Gravatar. Your users can elect to hide this avatar.

To access this setting, your users can click on Manage Preferences near the bottom of the forum in the forum view:

Your users can also use a custom avatar by uploading one in the Preference page. If a custom avatar is uploaded, then it will be used instead of the one from Gravatar.

Viewing registered users

You can view customers that Champ has a record of when you click on Users from the dashboard.

At this point, there is only a link for you to lead you to your Shopify Dashboard Customer section where you can modify customer tags.

Banning users

Users can be banned from your Champ forum by tagging their corresponding customer account with the tag champ-banned.